About Us

Adopt a Bong started because I wanted to be able to help all the friendly stoners, find their newest, unique Bong, and find the newest dab rig that’s trending. A little bit about me. I’m adopted and to me being adopted can be the best yet also challenging. However, for me it was always about finding a place to belong, a community if you will. Whether it was with friends, or lost in my music I somehow always belonged. As time went on, I found a special community, a common enjoyment that was what we all know to be very 420 friendly. That first piece or bong you buy is special, and each one along the way we buy or get tells a story. So if this is your first piece or a replacement for your broken bong, or even an addition to your collection, we want to provide you with top customer service and quality products you need. If you don’t see the item you are looking for let us know and we will make sure you get what you’re looking for as we are constantly updating our inventory. Maybe you were led here because you can’t find an item that's in stock somewhere, we can find it for you! 

So when you land here at Adopt a Bong, we hope that you find your new best friend. Each unique custom bong has a story. We find the talent and we spread the love. We are constantly updating our inventory to provide you with what you’re looking for along with named brand products.

Along the way, we made sure to ask some of you what you wanted, and how we can stand out. We hope we can do just that! As a musician, booking agent and music lover myself we are excited to eventually roll out a program in which we can sponsor bands/musicians/artists/athletes/influencers. Please reach out to us for more information. 

We want to be your adopted community. Embrace us and we will make you a part of our family! Thanks for finding your way here.