How To Clean A Dab Rig

How To Easily Clean A Dab Rig

Our bowels and rigs can be some of our most cherished possessions. No one wants to smoke out of a dirty bowel as it can be super unappealing. However, some may find it difficult or straight up stressful to clean their dab rig. We present this guide to show that cleaning your dab rig can be super easy and doesn’t have to be stressful at all. Each new toke just makes the task seem more unpleasant due to the gunk that accumulates, However, our guide will explain clearly how you can make your dab rig look good as new.

How to clean a dab rig - Paper Towel


Things You Need

Our guide isn't based on needing any fancy or expensive cleaning solutions. It also doesn't need specialist brushes. Most of the items on this are fairly easy to get, and you may already have the majority in your home.

  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Regular Table Salt
  • Running Hot Water
  • Paper Towels


Cleaning Steps:

The following instructions are easy to follow and will leave your dab rig looking spotless.


Step 1.

The first step is fairly obvious, but it requires stating nonetheless. The first step is to purchase your actual dab rig. It is important to keep to a budget when investing in a dab rig. Don’t go overboard with the cost and keep the purchase in your means.


Step 2.

The second step involves understanding how the dab rig gets dirty in the first place. You should start using your dab rig and begin paying attention to how the new piece slowly starts to collect dirt and other material within the rig. It may even surprise you just how fast buildup can accumulate even after a few dabs.

Step 3.

The third step is reaching a level where the dab rig feels dirty enough to clean. We recommend doing a ‘big clean’ at least once a month. You can touch up your dab rig in between these sessions by thoroughly cleansing it with water in between separate uses.

Step 4.

The fourth step involves funneling the salt into the rig and coating the inside. For most rigs, table salt should do the job. However, dirtier rigs may require the use of coarse salt.

Step 5.

You should then add alcohol until it is full. The paper towels are used to close the gaps in the mouthpiece opening. You can gently run hot water over the outside as this can help to loosen up some of the material inside the dab rig.

How to clean a dab rig - Facet


Step 6.

The final step is to shake your dab rig; however, this should be done carefully rather than forcefully. You can then pour the material down the toilet and start enjoying your good as new dab rig.


This cleaning guide is very effective at dealing with whatever stains may have developed in your glass rig. It is important to regularly clean any buildup as this is easier and far less time consuming than letting any material clog up your dab rig for months. If you take care of your dab rig and keep it clean, then it will carry on performing effectively and also look far more presentable when you have friends over. Nobody wants to smoke from a dirty rig, and it can ruin the experience!

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